What does this word mean? To forgive...or to forget??

Which is it? To truly forgive invokes haughty ideals of letting go of past cruelties done to you...ok, I can see where that might be healthy to do. To forgive may mean to spiritually uplift your ideals and perameters to be a better self and to allow yourself to move on without the weight of not forgiving that can pull you down into the same situations you just forgave yourself...and perhaps others... out of....Yes?

Or does forgiving empower someone to think you have forgotten past indignities done you and that they may be forgiven? Only to repeat them....or do they forgive themselves so as to not repeat their mistakes of cruelty?

Which is it and on whose lap does it lay?
rowenbumble rowenbumble
56-60, F
Jan 10, 2013