I Want To **** My Wife Sister

My wife has a younger sister, she is married and has two children, a boy and a girl. in the year 2000, she was 28yrs old. her husband get ill and due to this illness he became impotent. A few days after my wife tell me the sad news about the illness of her brother in law. Suddenly my mind got stuck about my sister in law and the idea of ******* her tormented me, I don`t know what i can do, so one day I have decided to talk the subject with my wife, I told her that as her sister`s husband is impotent, i want to **** her sister. My wife was very angry with me, telling me that I am mad. For several days i speak to my wife and at last she told me that she will talk with her sister.

My sister in law did not agree with me, I teased her a lot, try to call her on her mobile, but she never took my call, she stop talking with me. After two years , my sister in law get the contact of a handsome man, the man lied to her telling her that he will take care of her chilkdren, and will marry her, she accepted. The man ply with her for nearly 4 yrs and one day every thing get worst for her when she told her impotent husband that she love a man and she already had sexual intercourse with the man several times. Her husband became furious and kicked her out of the house, my sister in law call her lover and tell him what has happenned, the man never took her call.

NO one help her in this difficult moment, neither her mother, nor her father and her four brothers. So I told my wife to go and bring her at her mom place, and i have talk with her mother and her father that she is coming home. Once she is at her mom place, I helped her, searching for the man and she told me if I got her lover, she will let me **** her, I searched for her loer and one day I find him, he told my sister in law that he did not love her and he has helped her giving her some money, my sister in law burst out in crying, I took her home, once arrived home, she stop talking with me, and refused to take my call,

Eleven years has passed from the time I wanted to **** her and still now i want to **** her.,

What can I do now, may someone helped me and told me what I can do to **** her.
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hum i need to get ****** any takers

If you love something...let them go...if they come back, they are yours. If not, then it was never meant to be.