I Might Be Small On The Outside But I'V Got A Big Heart

People have always picked on me about my size but i always walked away and said nothing. But now im speaking up, so if u were one to get picked on just remember there are others out there too. Its not wats on the outside that that counts its wats on the inside that really matters. That is all i want to say right now so i hope i made someone feel better out there
littleman12321 littleman12321
22-25, M
1 Response Apr 13, 2013

You did,I have been pick on for a long time about my size(Im naturally skinny :( ).But people don't understand when you say,look at her she so small.It hurts,just as if you where to say it to someone who is the opposite.We are all beautiful,no matter what size......

I'v been small scince i was born im 18 and only "5" "3" thats because my moms small and my grandma.