Works Both Ways

i'm 5 ft 4 and weigh 98 lbs trying to gain some weight joined  calorie count plus  and was surprized that there are just as many people trying to put on weight as  to people trying to loose weight . is counting calories the answer? if anyone knows how to put on some weight  let me know

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Sounds like a wonderful dinner.<br />
I just realized I had a typo on my 1st comment. At that time I weighed 132lbs and went down to 129lbs. I'm at 131lb's now. Have a good night.

let me warn you those mocha joes are addicting lol. i drink alot of coffee always drank hot coffee but since summer i have been drinking icevanilla coffee. i make my own mcdonalds got to expensive. but anyway ya we had a good Thanksgiving i cooked a 19 lb turkey and we had ham too had 10 people here all together my kids and grands kids. still eating ham sandwitches hope i put on some weight i havent weighed myself lately i'll have to do that and check back with ya on that. hopefully between thanksgiving and christmas dinners it will do me some good and you too! lol talk to ya later

I didn't know burger king had those, I'll check it out. I would love apple pie for breakfeast. Fruit is a healthy snack. I hope you had a good turkey day also and put on 5lbs. I can't believe I didn't put on any at all. Maybe my new scale isn't working. How's it going for you?

we stop at burger king sometimes to get those mocha joes coffee very good:) glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving i finished off the last piece of apple pie this morning for breakfast :)

Thanksgiving was way so good, I ended up with a stomach ache. Then I ate leftovers at midnight.<br />
<br />
I like burger king :)

well since its almost Thanksgiving i'll have plenty of oppurtunity to eat some pie:)<br />
i have been trying to eat alot of mcdonalds food everyone tells me thats how to put on weight.

What's ironic is if you go out to dinner or have a couple peices of pie, you'll gain 5lbs more.

Those supplements are a fortune, and I could not afford them. So I guess it's taking in the calories. I can't imagine counting calories. I'm going to just pig out on healthy food I can afford, and watch to see if it's working.

hello :) i was thinking about trying some of those liquid supplements too if they dont cost a fortune lol . if you do try them and it works let me know . ya all my friends tell me they would be glad to give me there extra lbs because all my friends are trying to lose weight . i just never thought it would be just as hard to gain ...

Oh, I'm so happy your here. I've lost too much weight from a medication and I'm afraid my Dr might take me off it. I'm 5'6 @ 129 lbs. I started just pigging out and really should of been healthier food, but I started to put a lb a day on. And now I don't think I can eat that much anymore. My oldest daughter (32) says it's a matter of counting calories, but that's just too much food. I'm thinking about checking out some of those liquid supplements along with food. It's so nice to talk with somone about this. All my friends are trying to lose weight.