I'M 14 Years Old...

I've been anorexic before. Age 8-11. I gained some weight, I was 78/80 lbs last year. I am currently 90 lbs. I'm 5"2. I eat so much but don't gain anything. We think it is because of my ADHD pills (adderall) that is preventing me from gaining weight. But I don't want to be this skinny. I lie about my weight. Saying I'm 105 lbs. so that people don't make fun of me.
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Don't rush it I was real skinny up until the end of high school . I used to eat all the time to try and gain weight. Then at about 20-25 I started gaining weight and because I always ate a lot I'm stuck in that way of thinking and gained too much weight and its very hard to lose. So enjoy your thin self while you can.Just eat healthy and you will be ok.

done worry bout trying to 'gain' weight unless your unhealthy. if u ADHD like me u probably hyper too so u just got a higher metabolism. i eat almost all tha time unless im depress then i done eat at all but i been tha skinny kid in my class forever until this year i started a private high school that just for ppl with learning differences an alot of ppl there are ADHD an hyper too. just make sure tha stuff u eat is healthy an done starve urself if thats possible. i think people gain weight as they get older so they gonna be jealous of u when you are older cause u will be in good shape an they will be fat hahaha. :)

Ahha thank you!:)