Okay, so a while a go i was advised to gain weight and i surprisingly found my self liking it and a few months on i am no longer thin. Admitting this is a big step and please respect that i want to remain anonymous by just chatting on here (but that isn't to say i wont post progress pics and vids). Anyway, I found i loved food in a way i hadn't before and i love stuffing loads of food till i am stuffed and I want to carry on doing this. I would love advice and encouragement from people on here (like what is good to eat and help me carry on stuffing when i feel like giving up). So please message me if you feel you want to :)
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I'll encourage you!! n_n

There's lots of yummy goodies like Nutella, nuts, donuts, etc. What do you love to eat?
Have a Merry Christmas!