According to doctors, my weight should be 98 pounds because of my height. I am petite at a height of 4'10 1/2" tall. I have natural measurements of 34D-23-36 inches. When I lose and gain weight, I do so proportionately instead of just certain places. I am 36 years old and I and my sister still are growing taller and developing more in our chests.

I was a 34C in high school and even then my bras were too small for me and frequently unhooked during school hours and the shirts were kind of see through in the uniforms they had us wear.

I was at a height of four feet and nine and three-fourths inches in high school til the summer of 2010 when I reached my current height. My shoe size went from size 5 1/2 to a 6 in the past couple years.

I lost a lot of weight from stress starting in 2008 to roughly 2013. I still maintained my figure because weight loss and weight gain on me is full-figure not partial. I had a picture of me in my Friends-Only albums on here on EP that I took off because my legs looked like chicken legs in the boots that used to stick snugly on my legs.

I am not ashamed or proud of my body. I weigh eighty something pounds, still have my figure and am actually getting my pre-stressed body figure back slowly. I never had issues with my body's image or weight. I never let it weigh me down or raise me up.

My sister likened my boobs to cantaloupes before. I wear modest clothes but get shy when males still blatantly stare. I try to only show partial pictures of me online not full-figure pictures. I am not ashamed to show my pictures but there are a lot of perverts and mean-spirited people online.

I have discovered over the years that when I eat certain foods, I can gain weight. I have disabilities so I don't want to gain more weight than necessary. A little bit over the doctors' suggestion seems okay but if I end up in the wheelchair again, it might be too heavy since my wheelchair is made for no heavier than 98 pounds.
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I think following reasonable suggestions from a doctor is wise - though if it doesn't sound reasonable, then getting a second opinion is a good idea. You're petite to begin with, and - without trying to sound crude - you're stacked. If you physically feel unhealthy, then hopefully you can adjust your weight just to the point that makes you feel best.

Thank you. :) No you don't sound rude. You are just giving an observant opinion. I follow the advice of having to be at 98 pounds. The advice of eating at least five meals a day is something I cannot do because I remain full a long time and even if I don't get full after I eat, I get full as time goes on. So I just make sure to eat when I get hungry and make sure to keep hydrated.

I think your strategy makes perfect sense. Your stomach is small, so to continue eating after you feel full doesn't sound good. You sound like you have a pretty good understanding of what your body craves...

Yeah. I hear many who think they know what I need based on what they want for themselves in how they eat and in my mind; just cause their way works for them, it doesn't mean it will work for me or others.

You're exactly right :)

I saw your groups you are in. I like some of them myself.

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