"You should really start eating more, you need to gain some weight!" sand my mom, eyeing my now loose size 28 inch work trousers as I sipped my coffee back in May.

It took some time but moving to a place with a slower pace of life and more of a restaurant culture I finally started to gain the weight my parents kept going on about.

Within a few weeks I was a healthy weight, still slim and fitting into my once loose clothes better. A few weeks later I was filling them out and a soft layer of pudge was building. Then July came and I noticed my flat stomach was becoming a belly and my clothes were getting tighter.

I was examining my new chubbiness when I felt the urge to grab a takeaway, even though I'd just had dinner. Minutes later I sat on my balcony with a beer and ate the kebab and fries quickly with one hand on my belly feeling the new fat. It was then I rediscovered gaining..

After that and daily takeaways, sometimes two, I quickly surpassed my healthy weight and my small belly started to bulge and jiggle. Clothes got tighter and a roll appeared between my chest and my gut.

Now I am stuffing myself daily, I have gained over 30 pounds and my belly has grown 11 inches.. My mom said I needed to gain weight, but she is in for a surprise next time I see her!
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I wish I was at like 300 already

Who cares

some people, maybe. Not me personally but others might