My fire instructor checked my weight towards the end of last summer. I was 132.

Earlier this week, my army recruiter checked my weight and it said i was 125. 125 is the minimum weight requirement to join the U.S. army for someone of my height.

Weight was never a concern for me. I just ate whatever I wanted and never gained anything. I have been skinny my entire life. But apparently now I have to actually work on putting on a few pounds.

The next time I see my doctor I will talk to him about it. Maybe he could give me good advice. I am not sure if eating will help or not. I only recently started to actually work out about once or twice a week. Before that I was a pretty inactive person. I do not eat much though, I have a small appetite.

Hopefully I see my doctor soon so I can ask him for some advice.
moose73630 moose73630
18-21, M
Feb 10, 2016