My Grandfather Is Going To Flip!

A size 3 or 4 pants fall off my hips I have never been this skinny before in my life. I know my health is not that bad but it cant be good. I am worried about what my 76 year old grandfather is going to say when he sees me on Thanksgiving. I am not trying to loose weight I don't think i am fat I think Hollywood is crazy trying to be a size 2. I think a little meat on a woman's bone is WAY better then seeing the bones.

I try to drink 3 ensure Plus's a day and its helping a little but it can't do it all. I love food but as soon as get upset I cant eat for hours and my husband and i have been fighting a lot so i don't eat. I get food at work and have it sitting on my desk and I get so busy that by the time i get around to eating whatever I have is cold or stale. My parents are really worried and so are my co workers. I try to eat more calories, more sodium, and more protein but it doesn't seem to help much. I need to gain weight quick any ideas?

PennyBlossom PennyBlossom
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2 Responses Nov 12, 2009

Dedicated milkshakes during the day. ALWAYS one at night. Pasta.

I know what ya mean fore sure. I'm 19, 100lbs., 5ft.3in. I wear size 3-4 in pants also and they tend to sometimes fall off the hips a bit as well. People sometimes even point out how skinny I am. I hate being so petite.......I can't gain weight no matter how much I try. I tend to forget to because of stress/being upset, or I just don't have the money to grab something while I'm at school(college student with no job...yay...). <br />
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From what I've found out from looking at some sites on the net is you just gotta keep track of your calorie intake and make time for a quick snack here and there if your busy(harder for me since I am an unemployed college student until summertime). For example, apparantly I need to be taking in a little over 3000 calories a day in order to gain 2lbs in one week. Otherwise i should just take in like 2200 calories a day to sustain my 100lbs I have now, yippee........

I get what you mean coz i'm a college student with the exact same problem lol .. i'm extremely petite 4 10 only and i weight about 80 pds.. my mom is so worried about me.. lately ive started a diet and i'm trying to follow it .. i also happen to notice ur post was in 2010... its 2012 now n i hope you're well settled with a good job and have managed to gain some! lol do update me if your plan has worked out for you!