I'm Sorry But I Had Too

There I was looking in the mirror at my long wet hair . Think I need to cut it but my husband would kill me as I sat in my chair looking I glance over to my left and see the scissors as i reach for them I start feeling excited as the felling consumes me I rest the scissors on the vanity in front of me and reach for my comb and start combing my hair as i finish something tells me to pick up the scissors as i pick them up I close my eyes and wonder what would my husband really do if I cut my hair how mad would he really be at me would he yell or not talk to me for a long time or ? As i ponder I hear the front door open and honey I'm home as he always does then the bedroom door open and i hear what did you do you cut your hair I opened my eyes and in my hands was scissors and a 16 inch ponytail I look at him and said I,I,I , d,d,d,d, he stops me and said will let's finish the job so we did and he loves it
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Dec 11, 2012