I Think This Is Why I Don't Have A Job.

I've been unemployed for over a year now. I've been searching for a job since I left my last one. I'm pretty sure my lack of interviewing skills is what turns potential employers off. I find myself being very nervous. Sweaty palms, racing heart beat, hard to make eye contact.. & the worst part, I SUCK at answering those dreaded questions. Instead of concentrating on what they're asking me, I become preoccupied with whether or not they know how nervous I am. I'll say to myself, "please don't start sweating, please don't start sweating" & that's really when it starts. It sucks & I really want to get over this. I've had 3 years customer service experience working in a department store. I feel I'm qualified for all of the jobs I've applied for, but they just won't give me a chance. Maybe they notice how I am during the interview & assume that I'm not outgoing or friendly enough to work with customers. That is kinda true.. I'm not outgoing at all, but I know I can do it. I've had no problems before smiling, greeting customers, & achieving my credit goals. A great bit of my customers liked me & would ask for me when I wasn't there. All I know is, this is really stressing me out. It's like after every interview that goes wrong, I get more & more discouraged & just want to give up. What am I gonna do???
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

It sounds like you are being a little hard on yourself. I don't think it's you as much as it is the environment right now. I just got laid off after 11 1/2 years at the same company, along with a bunch of my co workers. I'm trying to find a job now, but I know people here where I live that were laid off before me that have been out of work for 2 years. It's tough, and our government doesn't sound like they are in any hurry to hire 8 million people back into the work force any time soon. One day at a time, and keep positive and looking and just remind yourself of all those good qualities about your previous experience you noted and focus on those when at interviews.<br />
I've applied at 25 places so far and haven't had one interview, so at least you are getting interviews. And you are realizing what to do and what not to do through that process, soon you will not be nervous at all. <br />
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Keep trying don't give up is - what else can we do - don't under sell your self either and take a job below what you believe you're worth hun :)