Read The Label Before You Take

When I was younger I went with my mom and my sisters to go camping. It was a nice day in the summer when I was sick but I still tried to enjoy myself. I wasn't allowed to take medicine, I could only take herbs and silver biotics " organic natural medicine". I was complaining about being sick and my mom's boyfriend at the time yelled at me " well take silverbiotics". I didn't know where it was so I looked around and asked where it was. " its right in front of you". so I grabbed the bottle and took a capful. it was horribly disgusting. I said that stuff is nasty and he looked at me. " That's because that wasn't silver biotics that was torch oil." The moral of the story is read the label before you take anything. I threw up but I was ok after that.
sillybritt sillybritt
Jan 19, 2013