A Bit of a Loser

here i am on a weekend when i don't have my kids - they're at their dads. my boyfriend is away working this weekend, and i can't find one thing to do besides shop and spend money. i have no friends to do anything with, my phone in 48 hours has rung twice, both times for my son.  ugggghh. i'm sad, lonely, its pathetic. just because my boyfriend is away my life comes to a halt?? i do like to be alone sometimes, but this is ridiculous. i know everybody says join a club, go to church you'll meet people, but i'm not interested in putting out the effort. so really i should just be quiet and....."get a life"


prettyinpink prettyinpink
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4 Responses Jun 2, 2007

I wont say join a club or go to church I know how it is I lived my life around my hubby and others this weekend I have kids so im not lonely but there are days that I am. doing different things to meet people is hard sometimes where do you start

I have the same problem - finding things to do that don't require money... Even hobbies require the initial minimum investment.

when i'd get a new boyfriend i used to do the same thing. i'd live for them. when they weren't around i felt lost, lonely, depressed, etc. i started to really think about why i did this - the complete investment in the new BF. i realized it was because i didn't want to deal with who i'd become or because i didn't know who i was. i had to figure a few things out about myself and what made me happy. i had to get my life straightened out. once i did that i found some extracurricular activities i enjoyed. after your reflection (which i highly recommend - you might just realize some things about yourself that will be helpful in the future...) hobbies? i paint, read, write, workout, clean, and play silly childrens online games @ neopets.com (i enjoy it thoroughly, it's highly addictive and entertaining, PLUS the vast majority of members are adults - parents) ... what else? collect coins, stamps, etc. watch birds, go for walks ... the list is endless! (i find painting the most relaxing!!!) try some of these and see if one suits you. hope it helps.

I understand how you feel. Why is it when we become mothers we stop making friends and drift away from the ones we had?