Me Get a Life He Does Too

man what a crazy day this fathers day was no one got along everyone was nagging at someone. I'm sitting getting lectured on fat burning pills and how I have to take them to help me rid of my weight quicker... Well I did not want to take my weight off to fast , I have been on my dietetic diet trust me it is a hard one to follow and walking  I gave myself a year and a half to loose my weight. change my eating habits that way it might stay off , He drives me nuts and I wish he would leave me alone / he is over weight himself I told him take the pills himself.well guess I'm just a bitching tonight on here sorry about that.Then to top it off my oldest son  started in on his brother for saying he went to the zoo  and didn't ask his wife to go with his kids well we did and she said no so thats that but that is a whole other problem and I know nothing is going to come out good until my son figures it out for himself. why think That I can change it is beyond me. well I'm calling it a day you all I hope had a better day
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Jun 17, 2007