OMG, do I ever! I have been pretty much sleeping the one I have away, for the past year now, literally...
I had a psychotic breakdown around this time last year and it has literally taken the life right out of me. It started with sleeping 10-15 hours a day but when I woke up I was miserable and couldn't get the bad thoughts out of my head so I would then lay down and just go back to bed. And because of this I now sleep 15-22 hours a day and sometimes longer than that where the days turn into a week and the only time Im up is to smoke, get something to drink, use the bathroom and maybe get something to eat. Why? You maybe wondering..... Because I no longer have any reason to get up or try to stay awake for. Sleep has always been an escape for me, especially when I'm really sad or stressed out but now I've got my body trained to do it more and more because it's how I get peace, don't have to deal with anything and 85% of the time have good dreams that are very vivid, so that I find that I enjoy it more and more each day. But I'm literally sleeping my life away and it's starting to really bother me because reality creeps in and reminds me that you only get one life in this God given life time and the years are starting to add up and one day when I finally decide to wake up, it will be to late because the life i wasn't living will be over and what will I have done? Nothing.......
I need to Get a Life!!!
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I know that feeling all too well.. I'm going to be getting professional help here pretty soon so that's an option.
The truth is that you just need to find something that is worth your time. Whether it's volunteering at a church or working part time at a thrift store or whatever else... What kinds of things have you done in the past "before" you remember being stuck in this mindset?

I have been getting professional help for years, but apparently its not helping....... Yeah that is true, but at the moment i dont have anything.... I tried volunteering at a hospital but was thrown out and denied because of a mistake i made...... Lots of things, but usually alone. It would be nice to have a couple more friends to do stuff with and a work shop so I could build things out of wood. Only hobbie i really have had!

I get stuck here every now then. This time is just the hardest one to get out of!!!!!