Need A Life

Its hard trying to get up and Get A Life again when you are so use to being alone and staying home. The only time I feel like I have a life is when I am going to work. Come Friday I dont go out of my house, not because I dont want to, I just dont have anyone to go out with. I dont really know how I became like this, but the other part of me does now.

Constantly I look up places I can meet people and think I am going to do that, but I never do, I get cold feet so to speak or get really anxious.It saddens me deeply that I have become like this and I dont have freinds. Yeah, I know people, but its just the same.

I use to have a great life, or so I thought, but you know when the going gets tough everyone ditches you. I use to have a lot of online friends to talk to and that I would help, but then when I need help no one was there, it made me go inside my shell. I am not in my shell now and have grown from these experiences but I just cant seem to get the guts to get out there and meet people.

Natjik Natjik
1 Response Mar 15, 2010

there are opportunities to meet people everyday. one of the best ways i used to meet people was waitressing at a diner. i know it sounds odd, but if you are able to work somewhere like that, even if only part time i met some of the most interesting people there. maybe the problem you are having is not meeting people, but meeting people with the qualities you desire. at the diner i worked at, at night local people lingered and talked, traveling people stopped and chatted about life and beliefs, if i hadn't been so afraid of heartache i might have made some meaningful relationships. think about what qualities you want, and where could you find them? then when testing out a possible friendship make sure you have a way out if it seems too risky.