Vacation Please

I am a stay at home mom where my 2 yr old is crazy wild and she hits her older brother all day long. She stresses me out all day and when I run errands she doesn't behave in the store.Yes I'm the mom you talk about and  point but you have no idea what it's like. I parent my kids and she gets time outs for doing the things she shouldn't. My hubby comes home and I cook dinner and  yesterday we were going to go to the park but I couldn't find my keys after all day errand running. My hubby went ahead of me out to the car and my older child wouldn't put on his shoes because he couldn't find the ones he wanted so 10 min later my hubby cell phoned me from the car. Then he came back inside and we didn't go to the park and we then started arguing by the way my son still didn't have his shoes on yet. I need a vacation. Plus my hubby watched twilight my fav movie and I got to leave after he yelled at me. He appologised later on and said he had a stressful tiring day at work but the kids are my work and I never get a break.broken heartsad
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please help me!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!! i live at 17030 imperial valley drive houston texas apt 44a 77060 police wont help me they dont believe what i sat. please me sum help im being abused.

Tell your husband about the kids and how stressful they are,let him take care of them if he doesnt believe you.

If you have money, you can do anything. :)<br />
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I'm trying to look for a job. So I can eventually do the same thing.