Stuck In A Rut

Every week seems to be the same thing: Go to school, go to work, do homework. I need to take a trip! Just go where I cannot be contacted and just stay there for as long as it takes to get my **** together, and evaluate my life. I want to go to the Fjords of Norway; just leave civilization behind, and never look back. I want to leave all of the crap that I'm addicted to (phone, television, computer, internet, etc.) here, and just start fresh. I want to just get away from it all, and stay there. I hate it here.. I really do. I can't take the monotony anymore, the ordinary line uselessness that we have to walk day after day after day. IT NEVER ENDS! We just sit here on our ***** waiting for something new to happen, but it never does. We waste our lives and our time doing the same thing everyday. Well, I for one just fed up with boring life style.

I need to just take a deep breath, and run to the mountains. I don't care about what gets in my way, I can't stand being here anymore! I want to just leave! I'm stuck in a cage, and I can't get out. I'm rotting from the inside-out, and it's starting to show.
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Dec 5, 2012