That's An Understatement!!!!!

I need to get laid we all say that and we all want to.What I don't understand is when women say it.Women can get laid any time they want to it's all a matter if they want to or not.With men we want to get laid all of the time and more often than not we don't because the women we want don't want us for some reason known only to them,which makes us more confused everyday.Sometimes I think that women meet somewhere in secret and discuss ways to **** with mens heads and I'm not talking about the heads we would like to have ****** with.It's been seven years since I got some pussyor have even felt a breast,I'm pretty sure they feel the same as before but as each day passes the memory fades a little more.I'm a nice guy who tries going thru life treating people the way that I would like to be treated.I guess what they say is true that nice guys finish last or in my case never get any.The next time all of you women are sitting around bitchin about the fact that there aren't any good men left think about the poor guy sitting at the bar drinking alone and take a chance on him instead of the loud mouth drunk fat guy with a harley or big truck and you will probablly find your good man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mapple1 mapple1
46-50, M
Feb 26, 2010