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Thing is I lose interest in any new activity after three or fours days. I'm a lazy chick and I need morreee motivation to get my *** started and running.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I have the same problem. I'm being treated like a 5 year old by my parents because I won't I am acting like one. There's to much stuff that I have to do that I hate tremendously. This comes back to the school issue. Life in general issue...

Yeah. Sometimes I take up more than what I can handle. Well, I probably could handle it anyway, but I'm just too lazy and procrastination has become more of a disease than anything :/

I know what your doing... I do it like a habitual disease too. It all started when hurricane Katrina blew in and F***ed up my life.

lol atleast you've got a natural disaster to blame xD