Not A Real Story But....

is there anyone who doesn't need to get more organised? 

wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
8 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Quick Faucs - go and dust that car in the barn!

I WILL roll my eyes! lol. HA! I bet you can't organise Moosebutt! I make stuff ups all the time because I'm disorganised, but I still haven't learnt. My 16 year old daughter has learnt though, she rolls her eyes at me all-the-time. She is the most organised person I know - at least I have given her something to rebell against! Was you mother disorganised??

*rolls eyes* And why, ptay tell, do you have to be organised? Your not still camping are you Faucs?

OH goodie, I love choosing names. It might take me a few days okay?

LOL AT - that sound a lot like Roj's office! I can't even claim that my mess is organised - tidy, yes (sometimes), organised, no, only fleetingly from time to time. It does take much time to make something organised to become disorganised huh?

lol Lil and NTD - sounds familiar! Like right now, I 'm meant to be making a cake, washing up the breakie dishes, folding up all the crumpled clothes from 3 days ago's washing, Packing for Melbourne, doing heap fo real computer work for Roj, and finding the rest of me home under all the crap that has piled up. But what am I doing? Sitting here on EP *shakes head*.<br />
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NTG - gee you need to change your name - I'm going to have to think up a suitable one for you. It just won't do!

I know plenty to people who spend way too much time on here. They are either very organised or, more likely, very disorganised due to it. You know that's what I love so much about EP, the ordinary things that people do throughout the day is no secret...For a long time I have had an intense need to know what it is that people do with all their time (other than be on EP that is) and when I com eon here, I feel quite normal!

Very strange huh? HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO!?? <br />
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I think everyone is in denial Spring! Maybe we will have to recruit...