A Worried Mom..

My son is 15 yrs old, and is sliding down a slippery slope.  I am a single mom of 2, and up until a year ago, both my kids lived with me.  At different times they decided it was dad's 'turn'.  Unfortunately my choice in step fathers was bad, and my son suffered verbal abuse, which has left him with self esteem issues i'm sure.

I've had many deep talks with him, and he's admitted those 'words' hurt him badly...but the past is the past, and there's nothing i can do to change it...i've beat myself up long enough.  All i can do is be there for him the best i can...even though i'm living about 40 min. away from him.  He knows i love him, and my door etc....is always open

His choice of friends is suspicious, his father doesn't seem to care, he skips school alot, i've had many, many conversations with the principle and counsellor of his school.  He just started second semester, and missed one day already, due to the fact he forgot to set his alarm clock.  It's very overwhelming and frustrating from my end, as i can't do much!...His dad leaves very early in the morning, so can't get him up. He failed a couple classes, last semester...

According to my daughter, he is often on the computer till midnight or so on weeknights.................What do I do?????

I've offered counselling, he won't take it...........I know someday he'll come around, but in the meantime, i need to get him on track.

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I hope things are better with your son now.