Need to Get Out More and Do Things

I need to start doing things out side the houses.
I have locked my self in the house from other for 5years.
I am scared of others.
I need to get out.
I have bought a lap top and I need to go to a coffee shop and get out now.
I am scared of other people.
I need to meet other people.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
8 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Can you tell me why please ?

I try to go out to other people in crowds it dont work.
and differnet shows i can not watch .
It is weird what i feel.

Do you have social anxiety ? Why do the shows bother you ?

You mint be right .
I have that .
Never though of that.
My Dad had this .
He could not go in crowds of people .
Never though of that.
I will ask the doctor when i go in .
thank you
I don't know .
I have to ask the doctor about this to.
Thank you for telling me that.

Try a bit at a time, small steps. Even yard work. Eventually it should feel more comfortable and you'll be able to conquer your fear :)

thank I try . and thank you . and it help . thank you.

Same here. I am stuck inside.

i have hard time to be around lot of people.<br />
And stay in the house. <br />
And talk on the computer.<br />
thank you for all writeing.<br />
i have been gone for a while.<br />
<br />
lashanda<br />
go to bronica and see me there . i have moved to there.

Go to the corner shop and buy milk thats how I started and gradually it does get better

Maybe chatting to ppl online first will help you to deal with some of your convo-fears. It's definitely a positive step that you've recognised that you need to get out. I wish you the best of luck.

Do you have a genuine *fear* of going out of the house? Perhaps you have agarophobia?

I have a friend who has agaraphobia...she was able to get disbility to assist her needs. She is now out and about doing well.

Try signing up for a class, or a group that meets in your area to talk about a hobby you enjoy. It will mean you automatically have something to talk about.