I Definitely Need to Get Out More

I work at home so I rarely have to leave the house, except to go grocery shopping and occasional client meetings. That's sort of nice, but where I live, you need to drive anywhere you go, even if you want to take a walk, you need to drive somewhere so that you can walk around safely. So, even though I have a car, I don't like losing a parking spot just so that I can go for a walk.
Now, that business is slow, I have the time to go out, but not the money. I can't really afford to do anything, and I don't have any friends where I live. In order to see my friends it costs at least 30 dollars, either in train fare, or gas & tolls. I am so lonely here. Wow. I just realized that. I am incredibly lonely and my world has gotten so small.
Fuckit, i'm going out. I don't know where, but i am leaving.
trickyninja trickyninja
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2007

Go, you! (I know the feeling.) So, where'd you wind up going?