Help Me Escape!!

I fell trapped don't know how to escape the life i am living i wanted out a long time a go but i don't got know were to go except back to the place of my birth back to were i was out cased. told that if u don't fit in u don't belong i was the one that didn't belong my sister was popular and had all the guys me i was weird no guy wanted me, had little to no friends and didn't believe in obeying my mother or my family i am and always will be the black sheep. even at gatherings i was ignored unless i did something to stand out like got in a fight or got suspended for school then i would never hear the end of it. why can't someone love me for who i am and what i believe instead i had to find it in the wrong place my aunts husband and know i have to move to Maryland just to get away from her.....
to be continued
livingthedream10 livingthedream10
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

mayb u can talk to someone n ure fam and explain then get them to talk with aunt. wht did u all do gve me details bc sometime worse then wht u think & u should tell ur side of the facts. dont let him get away with only tell his side. tell the truth