The Day That Changed Me

I was on my way to work and I flipped my car and totaled it and I can't remember a thing only thing I remember is waking up in the hospital several days later not knowing anything my vision was funky and my mouth was wired shut due to me breaking my jaws and the bones in my face i had to have a plate inserted itand a trac in my neck I didn't know whether I was getting better or if it was my time all I knew is I wanted to be me again and I just want to be with my family and after 5 months of my recovery I am doing good physically but I'm still scared to get ing a car and to drive I wished I could have the strength to go back to the things that was but in a way I know they can't and I really couldn't be that person again cause after all that's happen it's made me more grateful and appreciative of the things I have a great family and friends and above all a great God I know things will still be hard but I have faith that The Lord gave me this second chance to be all I can be and to be a better man than I once was and I want to do that not only for The Lord but for me and my family and I know I will always have it in my mind but I have to move on and just learn from this and be better and be there for my family I love them and I never want to lose them or be close to losing them ever again I am thankful to be alive and I am more grateful to talk,eat, breathe I am just grateful to be me and still have my memory and my knowledge and I always will remember how thankful I am
Jayhen90 Jayhen90
Jan 7, 2013