I keep crying over him and he wasn't even mine. Can people message me? I need to get over him.
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"God helps those that help themselves" I'm not a religious person and I don't know quite how much I believe in God but I believe in that saying In other words; you are the controller of your fate in life You are the beginning of everything that comes to be or not be as the case may be If you want something to change and get better then you must start the change If he's not yours then find someone who will be yours and be happy about it! You must decide that you are worth much more then you are getting in this situation and go get it! I just broke up with my guy after having had a terrible experience with him I'm sad and wish it didn't have to be but I know I am worth so much more and that's exactly what I told him

I'm going through a similar situation. I'm here if you need someone to confide in

Take on some hobbies that might help...good luck