I Had A Bad Experience In College..

I really need to get this off my chest and to share this as it still bothers me. I went away to a college last fall after finishing 2 years at a county college. The school that I went away to was my dream school, it was in a beautiful area, the school was beautiful, I loved my classes, even the school food was pretty good, there was just one problem and that was my 3 roommates. As this school was out of state I didn't know anyone going in and the school placed me with 3 girls that were all friends. The room was an on campus dorm style apartment for 4 people with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a common area. The first day I got there with my parents I could see that they were completely different than me, which I was ok with. I like to have fun with my friends but I'm not a party animal or anything, I'm ok with people that are if they respect that I'm not like that. These 3 were basically there to party, they drank everyday through the whole week I was there, stayed up really late, had guys over without asking me if it was ok. They wanted me to leave the bathroom door open while I showered so that others could use the bathroom while I was in there. There's so much that they did and said. I was there for one week and by the end of the week they became threatening towards me. They even put on a **** tape to watch together and told me if i didn't want to see it to stay out of the living room. They didn't have friday class so they stayed up partying Thursday night, I told them I had class at 8 and had to get up early, they told me the next semester I'd better get Friday's off. Friday morning I got up early for class when they were sleeping and dropped something and the one girl came out of her room and told me "you're going to get it".
I went home for Labor day weekend to visit family (planning to come back on Tues). It's such a long story but over the weekend they posted stuff that I had said to them as their statuses on facebook, never using my name but stuff that was really personal and could only be about me, basically they scared me so much that I thought they were planning to drug me when I went back. I don't think now that they were going to but based on the stuff they posted online and how my water bottles that were in the fridge vanished from the room they had me so scared. After seeing everything online I told my parents what they were doing and printed everything out. We went back to the school to have a meeting with the president of the college on that Tues and eventually we got all of our money back, there was no evidence that the postings were about me, and basically they got away with everything, underage drinking as none of them were 21 yet. I left the school after only being there for a week as I was so scared of them and living with these disgusting people made me feel sick, they had such disgusting habits. I had trouble sleeping while there and had stomach pains constantly.
Now I'm at another college and a commuter student, but a close friend is getting ready to go away to school this fall. This is bringing all of this up again. I still feel cheated out of my dream, I also feel that I gave up too easily that I should have tried to talk to an RA or something, they just wore me down over the week and the school didn't allow or could promise room changes in the first 2 weeks and the school is 2 hours away from my home. I know it's ridiculous as I thought I was over all of this but I can't move past it. It still hurts that I'm not at that school, my school now is fine but it's not what I wanted. I had amazing support from friends when I got back but I can't burden them with my feelings now as they have already done so much that's why I'm writing this here. My other friends get to go away and have this exciting experience but I don't and of course I want them to have a great time, but why don't I get that, I've done nothing wrong. I know I'm lucky to be in college and where I am now but I still feel like I've missed something. Thanks so much for reading all of this, I know it was really long.
bluedolphin9 bluedolphin9
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010