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Not Sure Which Group

Here is just as good as any.
This morning was haywire for me.  I was supposed to pick up my daughter, (she lives about 30 mins from where I do), bring her back to town to meet a friend, then go someplace to sit while I waited for time to go into work.  Which by the way, was originally my day off, but one girl couldn't make it until late, I told her I would work for her this morning and she could come in when she could.  
Well,, I get up, get my son off to school, lay back down for a 30 min nap.  Get back up, take my shower, get phone call from my daughter, checking to make sure all plans were the same.  I go to leave, I couldn't find my keys.  I searched all the usual places, not there. I call my daughter back, tell her we're pressing for time, not sure if I could still pick her up.  finally, I found them, while I was on the phone.  I head out the door, my mother tells my daughter she would just bring her into town.  I've already left extra early though, but no big deal.  Was going to just hang out on the net somewhere.  I get off the phone, reach for my cigarettes, I'm out.  Ok that's fine,,,store is just down the road.  I'm going along and I start hearing a noise.  Weird noise, the noise gets louder.  I pull over and my tire is flatter than a pancake.  I call and ask my daughter if they had left yet...I don't know why I called, I wasn't expecting them to help me with it, but, just felt comforting to be able to call someone I guess.  I knew I had nobody to call for help.  I think the thought crossed my mind that I could have her look up a shop or something, but, my phone battery died.  I'm sitting there, wondering how close the store is.  Then I thought I'm crazy.  I've got the stuff to change a flat in my trunk.  I just never had to do it.  In fact, I've never had a flat going down the road.  I pull out my spare, and the jack is under it.  I couldnt get it loose though...i start trying to push and pull on it, twist wouldnt budge.  I tried to unscrew the screw that held it, but couldn't.  after about 10 mins of doing that I finally decided to give up.  I put the tire back into my trunk, lock up my doors, grab my dead cell that would help me out.  wish I had a cigarette.  but when I closed my door, there was a truck pulled up behind me.  a man asked me if I got it changed yet.  I told him no, that I couldnt get the jack out.  He walked over there and just so easily unscrewed the bolt.  I just shook my head.  Well, I spent the next hour with that man and his wife, because my lugnut wrench wouldn't fit my lugnuts, so we went looking for one that did.  It was awesome.  They were beautiful people.  Just so kind.  I made sure to get their names....and went to work with a smile thinking about how they just came fact the three of us talked about how it just so happened, the things that we each had done that had all led up to that moment.  
It might have been a rough and complicated day....but was still beautiful.  :)
I meant to update this a while back.  
I looked for that man since then, I knew where he worked...I bought them a Christmas card, and went searching for him at his place of was a public place....But I never found him.   So, I kept the card. 
Now, in the mean time, a guy had quit work one morning, just walked out...that was in around October of last year I believe....not entirely sure....but in November they hired his replacement.  
One day, I think maybe it was this past January, I was working with the replacement guy, he was my partner for the day...oh man me and him did nothing but laugh our ***** off all day long....we put out a lot of work too, but, my gosh I am surprised we didn't get in trouble.  From 7 am stomach was hurting from laughing so hard and for so long....and he just kept on...I called him goofball from then on out.  
About 3 pm that day, well, it was actually 3:10 I thought, that is so weird. This guy's brother in law has the same name as the guy who changed my mind got to rolling, I thought, I should ask him his last name...then it hit me...he has the same first name as the guy who changed my tire...I don't need to ask his last name, I already know it....i looked up at him, finally got serious and said, "we've met before."  
He wanted to know when and where.  I said, I had a flat tire....his eyes got wide and told me where, then described my car.  
That was an awesome day.....we laughed because we had been coworkers for all those months and both of us didn't realize it. 
He said he and his wife had wondered about me from time to time.....I told him I'd been looking for him at his old job...
Well, he no longer works where I do, but, I am sooo sooo glad I had the opportunity to run into his wife and him again....Before he left the job, I gave him my phone number, to give his wife....but haven't heard from them...
Funny how things go.  
EyzofBlue EyzofBlue 36-40, F 2 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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Thank ya Mike, it was awesome. He told me what size lugnut wrench I need to get and what to look for when I jack up my car, if I ever have to do it. This morning I was thinking how easily it was with these people...we got to talking just like we had known each other and stuff. It was a great experience...And the man used to change tires for a living...It was just so awesome how they just stopped and acted like it was something they done everyday. I wish I would have asked him if he would let me do it, and just watch to make sure I done it right, so if I ever saw someone in the same predicament, I could help them.

Dude! That was awesome! I hope every vehicle challenge you face is met with the same fate. I help every broke down person on the side of the raod that I can. And I hope that next time you can handle it by yourself. But if not, I'd love to be the guy that helps you out... Thanks for sharing...