Not Surprised But I Am

I am recently divorced and happy to not be with him anymore. We have two children, daughters who are hard working and all around pretty good kids. I thought he would stay in their lives, at least ask how they are doing once in a while, but the opposite has happened. He has not spoken to his youngest daughter for three months and his oldest for a month. He just recently took his oldest out for dinner, telling her he parties like a rock star, but if she was to need any help, he has no means to help her! He told her he is leaving for a trip to Chicago this weekend and has another trip planned to Las Vegas the following weekend with a "friend". My daughter came home and was angered by his statements. I want them to be in his life, but his behavior is pushing them away. He also returned his youngest daughter's graduation gift because she didn't answer a text he sent her at 11:00 pm. I just don't understand why he would push them away?
LiveTheLifeYouLove LiveTheLifeYouLove
Sep 7, 2012