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Hi, so I'm 14 and I live in Canada. So one day, in July , I was bored, it was summer time and I had nothing to do. So I went on a site called Omegle where you can talk anonymously to people. I knew it was dangerous, full of horny pedophiles and mentally deranged people. But once again, I was bored, I needed to talk to someone. It wasnt the first time I used this site, I was starting to get used to it. So that day, when I was skipping and skipping horny people who where seriously getting on my last nerves, I was about to disconnect when someone sent me a message. It started like this: Hello, random stranger, I am the king from whatever land and I'm asking for you help". That person made me laugh so I didn't disconnect. He made up a whole weird twisted and crazy story that made me laugh so so much :) I liked him already. After telling that story, he ended up presenting himself. 17, from Israel. We ended up having a long nice chat. We kept contact and we kept talking everyday. I kept loving him more and more everyday. For my birthday, he sent me a beautiful birthday card where he told me his feelings for me. It nearly made me cry.. I remember at a moment when he said: "I hope you find the guy of your dream and live happily with him...". It made me realized that he's the one that I wanted to live happily with, and no one else. And then he ended up asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend... Of course I said yes! I love him with all my heart! Now it's been nearly 3 months since we're dating and I only love him more and more. I talked about him to my friends. Some support me and wish me all the best; and others want me to break up. They say that I don't know him ( I do...), that he might be a ********* and that I have no idea how that can be dangerous. I didn't tell my parents about him. I think I should, but I'm afraid that my parents never let me talk to him again. His parents know about me though. Sincerely, I love him with all my heart. I want to spend my future with him. Live happily with him and grow old with him. He feels the same... He writes me good morning textes and how much he loves me and wants to live with me. He's so adorable.. He makes me so happy.. He makes me feel so beautiful, (and he hates it when I say it's not true) he makes me feel like I can do anything. I love him so much. Its weird because I feel like I can't write how much I love him. It's too powerful. It's crazy. This year is his last year of high school and then he has to go three years to the army. He won't be a soldier, he wants to be a doctor.. In Israel it's something that we must do. So after those three years, he'll go to the university. And me, I have three years of school left. After that I'll also go to the university. Thats the only chance we get to live together. It needs to work. I can't see my life without him in it. And I hate the fact that I can't see him, hold his hand, hug him, kiss him or even laugh with him. It hurts so much.. He's my first love and I don't know what to do. I need help...
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Skype works pretty well for army relationships my mom did it while dad was in iraq

Wow this is so awkward I even forgot I had this account 😱 thank you so much for your help dear, it's really appreciated x