Pretty Pointless

WARNING: Lots of tangents and run-on sentences ahead.
I've always been sort of jealous of Spiderman ,not because the powers (Captain Marvel is WAY better) and it's not because of the gals(although it does come into play in someway). it's the way he's able to articulate exactly how he's feeling ,during fights or when he's going through a BILLION BREAK-UPS due to the editors making him dump decent women to get back with Mary Jane Watson *facepalm* seriously... but that's besides the point. I'm not exactly the most articulate person in the world. I flub and trip over my own sentences all the time even now i'm doing it. thinking of ways to make this sound better and afraid that i might come across as odd or even weird, but for the first time in a long time i'm actually afraid of losing something. Adolescence wasn't the easiest transition for me, i lost my entire social structure in one fell swoop and had to move somewhere else. from then on i'd be alone. I justified in my mind that it's not my place to be happy like they are after all i'm bad with words ,getting feelings across and being humorous.but i don't want that to be the end either, i want my dream so badly i can almost taste it...why is it that it eludes me so? If only i had the proportional strength of a spider i'd be able to make it
RocketBastard RocketBastard
22-25, M
Jan 16, 2013