Wish It Was Easy to Say...

I heard someone say today "feelings are time travellers, they don't go away just because you are older".  It is so true, wish I could shake some of these hauntings.  They don't really effect my life, they just hang in the balance.

prairiezephyr prairiezephyr
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

No, they don't really go away do they? I wish they would

Actually i have had the cellophane problem. It is similar 2 the gum on the shoe r the dog mess n the grooves of your tennis shoes. What a mess. And I do believe that sometimes we r the victim of circumstances beyond our control. There r 2 things I have tried 2 impress on my children.1) never give up onthemselves and2)never give up on hope(Go). I do know that eventually I got rid of the cellophane and eventually I got rid of the gum and eventually I got rid of the dog mess. And sometimes I just had 2 throw the shoes away. I do not think there is a cure for every problem. The only absolute truth is knowing that we did the best we could with what we had 2 work with. Sometimes that just has 2 b enough whether we like it r not. We all have problems . Many times there r more than one way 2 get 2 the solution.Sometimes there r no answers. Sometimes life just flat stinks.I hope u find your answers.I sincerely do.

Ha! Thanks for that Ranmoo, doesn't matter where they come from - it makes sense to me! :) The part about throwing them away..., have you ever had that piece of cellophane on your hand and you shake it to get it off, but it just keeps sticking there or moving to another area? Sometimes that's how it feels.

feelings r like ghosts. They can't really hurt u but if u let them they will cause u 2 hurt yourself. Memories r like grapes. U eat the good ones and throw the rest away. I have no idea where these anacronysms r coming from