i cant believe suicide is on my ******* mind 2 years ago my 1st attempt failed i woke uo in the hopitsal it wish i died i serious do 2 of my friends are prangnet and their both 14 and there trying to convince to had sex with this guy/heo in my school i'd have my friend friends im not nameing beacuse if someone i know finds out everyone will be in my ******* **** then i try suicide attempt #2 well im happy but i just cant go on anymore its easy to be me but no ones understands when i want to be alone they all think im happy every ******* sec. of my life and i try my best when im mad or sad to still be nice to them and thats what kills me my brother has i huge liump of the side of his jaw he said it feels like it eating his jaw he doesnt want anyone to know he always says im not going be here much longer this guy named jody lonerthounder goings around ******* girls and ignoring them he called me a heo im still  verin i wish could just move some were else but theres only 4 places i can go 2if i move with my cuzin i will end up becomeing a cuzin ****** if i move with god mother i always half to stay by her i cant do the crazy drank i do and if i move out i will half to buy everything myself i wish i had a better job then $50 dollars a month for ******* gay flyers and there is too much epople in the world i never want kids wish the world would just end but imthinking of moving with my god mother it would suck be at lest i would be away from the epople who ruin my life!

diona diona
13-15, F
Feb 20, 2010