I Need To Get The **** Out Of Here!

Right now i hate where i'm living but i have to finish highschool, all the people around here are ******* judgemental ********. They need to get lives and stop judging someone because of how they look, who they are with, what they do, etc. Almost everyone we pass checks out my girlfriend it ****** me off but we have a deal everytime she gets checked out i get to grab her *** i have a running tally of 16 right now... so hard to keep up with how much she gets checked out.

I hate the area even the land i'm surrounded by, farms, and i hate it. When i get out of highschool i'll be moving to Columbus for college and it will hopefully be better... maybe people won't judge me based on my appearance, I don't even have tattoos or peircings yet though there are a couple that i want. Snake Bites and a Tattoo that is only words and says "Judge Me, It Shows I'm Better Than You." I just can't wait to leave the people here scare me daily with their driving, **** me off their bull **** drama, and just the way they are mostly everyone is so ******* loud and annoying...

I can't wait to leave...

Also one thing that i have always believed is that judgements usually spawn out of some sort of jelousy, like we were at a park and there was a black woman playing with her kids and they were all having fun swinging and things and then this old white woman called them ******* ******* and left. Like i said the most of the people around here... i really hate them >.>

UsedAndAlone UsedAndAlone
18-21, M
Mar 1, 2010