I Wrote This 2 Years Ago, Suicide Note

To whom it may concern

Im sorry for all the people I hurt. Im sorry i cut myself to take away the pain. Im sorry that i couldnt be a better daughter. Im sorry i wasent up to your standerds. Im sorry that i hated myself. Im sorry that i took my life. Im sorry that you couldnt see the warning signs. I just didnt know how to ask for help. I was worried that if you knew th real me you would of just left, im sorry. I know you wouldnt of understood what i was doing to myself, or understood what i was going through and for that im sorry. If you are reading this you know that i am dead. I think about taking my life almost everyday, i just couldnt stay here, it just wasent my time. people made me feel like **** they made me hate myself. I think about killing myself but not exceding, so i could get help. I dream about over dosing and right before i die someone saves me

* I never finished it, but i wrote this when i was 15 or 16. Im turning 19 in a couple of months.

xxbrokendownxx xxbrokendownxx
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2009