How Much?!?!

  Okay.  So rule number 547 of being a divorced woman is you have to check your own oil.  There is no longer someone else to remember to do it for you.  Luckily as a young girl my Father DID teach me how to this.  He also taught me how to change the oil, change a tire, change the fuses and a few other minor things.  That was over....well it was a long time ago.  I also don't WANT to do these things anymore.  It's messy and I don't have alot of space to move around.  Besides...I'm a bit older now and crawling around on the garage floor...not as appealing as it was when I was 12.
   So anyway.....I knew it was getting pretty close, if not past time for an oil change so I thought I better check it.  Yep.  It was REALLY low.  I stopped on my way home from work to pick up a quart, to hold me over until I got an oil change.  Pulled in the garage, popped the hood and went to grasp the cap...that's when I realized I had picked up the wrong kind.  Crud muffins!  Get back in the car, drive to the closest hardware store and pick up the RIGHT kind.  Drive back home, pop the hood, grasp the cap.....It won't turn.  Grab a rubber glove and try again....still nothing.  Double crud!!
   Time to call my son.  It's a 20 minute drive so I offer to pay for his gas AND I offered to pay for some food for the both of us if he will help out his Mom.  He'll pick up the food on the way over.  Perfect.  He comes over, we eat and chat for a while.  Got the cap off and put in the oil.  Done.  Then as he was leavng..."Hey Mom......Can you babysit tomorrow morning?"  Well of course I can, he just did me favor so how could I refuse?  Besides...I do love seeing the grandbabies!
   Next morning as I'm driving over I get a call, " Hey Mom.  Can you stop and pick up some breakfast for the three of us on your way over?"  Of course I can.  I'll even treat you to it! After did me a favor!
   Total cost of one quart of oil?  After 2 quarts of oil ( I can't find the receipt for the wrong one I bought), my sons gas, dinner one night, breakfast the next morning....$55.79.  WOW!  I spent HOW MUCH for a quart of oil?!?!


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Gad......Penters is sick ..... Why don't you nurse him back to normal mental health ..... Oh, I like sick! PERFECT! ( keep that part about grand babies out ) <br />
<br />
One of the reasons I ki da didn't want children ........ Many of my friends have grown kids living with them now! " hi Mom...... What's for dinner? You know your spare bedroom........"

The BEST part's the ex, that he lives with now! HE gets to cook and clean up after him now! He he he! is funny! In a good way sometimes too!

Oh...And I don't have my nurses degree yet, so I am not qualified for that! ;)

Shhhhhhh don't mention grand babies , and knowing you, you'll be just fine,love!

Ha..Ha! Very funny you! Glad I could give you such an amusing visual there! Not a pretty sight really though. Dirty and covered in oil on a cold garage floor hoping to God the car doesn't fall on me! Looking back at it I'm wondering if my Dad wasn't secretly giving me a punishment while telling me it was for my own benefit to learn this stuff! Hmm................

With your coveralls, high heels. Sweat dripping from your brow as you whoopee it with your sleeve. The oil making your skin glisten. Ahem!!!! What are we talking about again?


*hands you a shop towel*

Weekie, just change your age status to embryo - 21....

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Wait a minute. I'm still at the part where you were crawling around on the garage floor. What were we talking about? Heehee