Its That Or Sucking On Lollipops,

I just luv to suck on things .  Its either **** or lollipops and **** and **** doesn't cause cavities so my dentist prefers that I suck ****.  He gets some benefits too.
CaraJ CaraJ
9 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I love getting my **** sucked!!! Only met 1 girl who could swallow the whole thing and li k my balls though!!! That was amazing!!!!!!

cute story understand totally

I would love to have my **** sucked.

I think I may be able to help with that :)

I'm getting a hardon!

You can suck on my **** anytime, sweetie! And if you like, I will suck on yours, too!!

Mr Brady! size doesn't matter as long as it is clean and tasty.<br />
<br />
DB99, I agree, when they thought up that saying they must have had **** sucking in mind. I have no desire to receive, but am very happy to receive. :D

I bet he prefers it. What is the biggest **** you gotten your hands on? Do you like to play with husbands knowing that their wives don't know that their husbands like sissy girls? I am not a sissy, but I do like to play in panties sometimes. They feel very sexy against my skin

sucking **** is amazing fun!