Yes, I Need to Please a Man (x Rated)


i have suppressed this fantasy, dream, desire for soooo long. Years!

Now i feel the desire build in me ... daily.

For a long time now when i see a good looking man, my mouth waters and my brain races.

My mind knows nothing could be more satisfying. A c*ck in my mouth would make me feel so content.

Swallowing every drop would all bring a smile to my face.

Oh, i'm soooooo naughty!

i don't worry about these thoughts anymore cause i know they are a natural part of my being a woman and my desire to experience my life as the woman i am.

As i said i denied these feelings for years, since i accepted myself and my being transexual ... now my mind is exploding with my desires and i feel that my will power is waning.

It's emotional. An internal need, a driving force, that i can not deny. Some times i don't always understand my emotions or emotional needs, but they are undeniably governing me.


Josie06 Josie06
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6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Tell me more I love reading peoples dirty thoughts!

i pray your wish is fulfilled soon Josie :)<br />
<br />
How hav u been?

... beside your fantasy, i was stand and feel so deepest in lonely, wondering all your ex<x>pression that leads by your natural primitive instinct - as a Woman, or a Lady...I also been called to be a man, that can tasted and sensed with the way you feels - giving my **** to be treated as well and watching how hunger you are to make it blown ... when you eats my juice, i feel my maskuline power fullfill, and make the woman to grabs a gifts that can make her happier and more comforts then before - I can raise up my self as human life that can shows the world who I am ...then, suck my **** : Again and again, babe! I have full of juice in my self for all of you ....

It been awhile for me. I feel about the same.

i want to offend no one with my visuals, however these thoughts are in my mind ... so i will always add the X Rated note in my titles and check the over 18 box. i hope to finds ones that are not too outlandish or degrading.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
Besides i really would enjoy being in the visuals!!!

I would love to receive a ******* from you, sweetie!