I Don't Have A Purpose Yet.

I don't want to live unless my life changes someone's. Even if it's just one person. Unless what good am I doing? This is the only thought that is keeping me from just ending all of this now. "I could change someone's life some day".
I mean i know that a load of people are life "Oh my gosh! MCR like totally saved my life", but they sort of did for me, for real. I want to do that for someone else.
But i know i will never do it the same way as they did, as much as i want it. That's why think i am going to be a councilor when i 'grow up'. You know, for like teenagers. Because i know they really help people. But then i worry that i will take their problems home, on account of me worrying people.
And also, i have a lot of experience with suicidal thoughts, so i am not sure if it would work. I sure hope so.
As long as i can give the world meaning for at least one person then i think i will die happy.
mmelissa mmelissa
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Thank You X