To Young to Destroy My Health

im 18 years old ive been smoking for somwere around 7-8 years now and i need to quit. ive cut down alot i used to smoke a pak and a half a day but now i only smoke half a pack somtimes less. im afrain to quit because i dont want to gain a hole bunch of weight but mainly its just so comforting. if im somwere were i feel uncomfortable i always have a cigarret it helps my anxiety. theres no excuses good enough to keep smoking, ecspecially since the new fire safe cigarrets came out. they make me feel lethargic and sick and i cant stand it. ive decided that im going to quit the day after my highschool graduation and im going to slowly ween myself off untill then. i know i can do it mind over matter but any advise to help quit. im also trying to get my dad to quit hes been smoking for abot 20 somthing years. and he just turned 48

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I'm not the type to quit, especially quit smoking (planning on doing it 'till the day I die), but I'll cheer anyone on who does make that decision! Good luck! (one tip is using nicotine gum/patches/etc, you can also get a presc<x>ription drug from your doctor that has a higher success rate than nicotine replacement therapy)

Well it's kind of an oral fixation. Start chewing gum or something of the sort. It will help out when you want a cig. I quit cold turkey from 4 packs a day. I am not going to say it was easy cuz it was anything but that. All it takes though is some dedication and you have to really know what its doing to you to keep up that motivation. Good Luck I'll be cheerin for ya!