But Not Sure If I Can!

I am fighting like hell to quit... but the situations in my life won't ease up, just a little, for me to stay quit. A lot of family arguments and people instigating fights. And stress all around.

I had quit for three weeks straight... but started again. I had plan to try again today... but my whole day went wrong. My only saving grace today, my short time of feeling great, was with my best pal Philip. Other than that... it's been stressful. I am not sure if I can stay quit anymore. And I'm really thinking about running out to the store and buying a carton, right now. :-(

I am tired.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Keep yourself preoccupied my friend. Stay busy doing something all the time. I know you can do it.

yeah its a real battle,I want to quit to,its the only vice I have that is making me sick,,,,,I will try again tommrow,,,keep trying till you do it, we can over come if we just draw off of each others streagth, I am sending you loving caring prays of determanation,love and light mary