Things used to make sense! I would write a book ( A GOOD ONE AT THAT!) and I wouldn't second guess it! But then I got into highschool and I started to care about what others thought about me. I would be called crazy and whatnot and would get mentally attacked by these people that barely even freaking knew me!

I used to be able to draw, write , sing, dance, speak several languages and so much more! until society dug its nails into me and made me worse. It has done so to so many people I have met. My friend Kameron who used to draw such great artwork was disheartened by the feedback of degenerates!

I used to be happier when I was crazy, If that makes me insane then so be it! I want to do things that I think matter not you! So many talented people have been stifled by the need to be accepted! Well you know what? I accept you! not the you that you pretend to be but the you that hides behind the mask, your persona if you will. Believe it or not you are more normal then the ones that pretend to be! Those that hide their true selfs out of fear of persecution! Im not saying to tip a car and light it on fire but loosen up and don't care about what others think.

Now If you don't mind im going to go strap laser pens to my dogs heads and see what happens *puts on mercury laced top hat and walks out door*

*comes back in a little while later* THEY LOVED IT!
Emprosium Emprosium
Aug 17, 2014