growing up (one day at a time) ^^

I am relearning to love myself, the people that are in my life now and those who are yet to come my way.

I am relearning to love life again no matter how much it went down the hill.

I am relearning to laugh out loud, smile like the sun and cry sad and happy tears.

I am relearning to accept others as they are and just make them feel love in a big way.

I am relearning  to love someone without setting standards and conditions- no if's, no but's, just love.

I am relearning that it's okay to be sad as  life is not always a bed of roses,sometimes you have to deal with the thorns.

I am relearning that life is about growth and experiences,i must enjoy the journey not where it takes me.

I am relearning to live on my own, and see for myself that being alone doesn't have to mean lonely.

I am relearning to accept changes the way they are now and never refuse to grow from them.




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3 Responses Dec 21, 2010

In a time when i need inspiration to move on and move up this is perfect for me.relearning to be me comes easier when i see that others struggle the same way i do and move forward from situations learned from. as simple as this is, its highly appreciated. Thanks so much!

I love what you wrote and it's very true. I feel I haven't gone thru enough thorns in my life to be a grown up for my age. I'm going thru a specific moment in my life where my bad decisions are hunting me. I feel sad and guilty about it, but there is nothing I can do to reverse those times. I feel that if I had another chance I will do things differently. That's life, you mess one thing, try to learn from it and move on, just try not to make the same mistake again. I miss you BOSS.

We must be in the same class... the class where you don't want to cheat off of your neighbor, you actually want to learn.