One Step Forwad Two Steps Back

I went to cry so bad, but I'm holding it back.

One the insurace that I just got was not that good. Humansurse gave us a week to get insurance. I need it cause I got FM.

two tring to get paper work down so I can get my scoter. which my old insurance will care it.

three and most I went to cry is that my husband got a letter saying that he missed a court date that we did not know about. Now he has warrent out for his arrest. So he wents to turn his self in. Then see what happens.

A good thing is that we have hope in getting a 4 unit apartment house. We got to find out more about it, but it is something good to fouse on. Our son could rent one of the units. He has a disablity.

thanks for listening to me

motherhen1962 motherhen1962
46-50, F
Mar 13, 2009