I Want And Need To Talk Dirty To A Lesbian So Bad!

I think I am bi but I really need to have a opportunity to talk dirty to a girl and see how it feels. Please some night when I am logged in. Just add me as a friend and then we can chat. This is so what I want!
ithinkilovethepussy ithinkilovethepussy
22-25, F
9 Responses May 10, 2012

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Let us log in between each other's legs and see where this chatting goes....

I am shy & submissive type lessi. Let us talk every night. Let me know how sharp is ur brain to seduce me.

I am sure that u will finger yourself on talking with me.

Im already wet

I havent been on here for like a week. But no naughty messages were in my in box:(

Add Me! i can talk dirty. i want you to squirt all over my face

And I am a squriter

i would love to talk!

me too

I'm also a little bicurious so i would be happy to try it out with you.

I would really like that!

Just add me on yahoo. Its ohmandie06@yahoo.com.

Where do we start