Need The Gym!!

i really need to get back to the gym!! i have been away from it for a few months now, cos i injured my knee, and its still a bit sore!! i keep telling myself im going to go to the doctor, but then it feels a bit better, and i'll say "ok, i'll just rest it" and then a few days later i will feel it again lol!!! but i really need to get it sorted a.s.a.p , cos im putting on so much weight with not going to the gym, and im dying to go for a good workout, but i cant do that with my dodgy knee!!!
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

great! I'm glad, excercise is just great, not only for the body but for the mind too.

yes i did, it turned out that i just needed a lot of rest, and the doctor gave me some anti inflamitries lol but i feel good to go now though, so if the weather holds up, i will be back at the gym in no time lol!!

so what happened in the end? did you go to the doctor? I need to get back to my excercise routine too.