Staying Motivated So I Can Lose Weight

I am a mom of three kids, ages 5 months, 2 yrs and 4 yrs old. I didn't really gain too much weight while I was pregnant, cuz I would gain only 20 lbs and then lose it as soon as I had my baby. But, my problem was after I got married and between having my kids because of going out to eat a lot and fixing things that were simple and fast like frozen pizza. Well, now I'm tired of being fat and want to lose about 60-80lbs. I just started to be a beachbodycoach. There I have support from other members who are trying to reach their own weight loss goals and try to help other people reach their goals too. I want to find some people who are seriously wanting to lose weight and in the process make some money doing it. I am a beachbodycoach coach who just started my weight loss journey. Right now they are having a $14.95 deal where u can get P90x, turbo fire or brazil butt lift DVD workout, a month supply of shakeology, which is the only all natural shake out there, and a VIP club membership for 30 days. If u like it, thenbu keep it, if not u send it back by the time the trial offer is over. If interested, check out Or message me here. Thanks.
Momof3kidsunder4 Momof3kidsunder4
Jul 3, 2012