This Time Of Year Is Hard For Me

I am a cyclist living in a cold northern climate and as the sun heads south the cycling season starts to seriously slow down. There are still times to ride on the weekends, but daily after work the sun sets just to early.  I have an indoor trainer, but they are sooooooooooo  boring.    I have workout room at my complex and will do that if I have to, but I tend to walk more at night.  I have a new option this year, I got a new, really bright light for my trail bike and I blessed with a 27 mile route I can ride on crushed limestone paths.  Riding at night, on roads, is an issue because honestly cars are not expecting you.  My route has less then a mile on streets and if I am super careful I am good.    So now lets hope for another mild winter and I will get back in to biking season come March. 
loopnscc loopnscc
46-50, M
Dec 5, 2012